Qidu Pharmaceutical large particle sodium bicarbonate preparation technology won the national invention patent

On February 9, Shandong Qidu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Tianjin University jointly declared the "preparation method and device of large particle sodium bicarbonate" authorized by the national invention patent, patent number ZL202211334387.5.


Large particle sodium bicarbonate refers to the sodium bicarbonate crystal composed of a single crystal, with special requirements for particle size and morphology. Compared with ordinary powdered sodium bicarbonate, large particle sodium bicarbonate has higher purity, higher density and stronger fluidity. Because of its stable particles and good shape, it is conducive to the improvement of the quality standards of related injections, dialysate and other drugs and clinical drug safety, and it is widely used in body fluid balance and blood purification products and other pharmaceutical products with great potential. Common powdered sodium bicarbonate, limited and affected by technology, has low purity, high impurity content and unstable quality, which is easy to cause adverse reactions or affect clinical efficacy when applied to injection and dialysate.

Large particles of sodium bicarbonate crystal, with a high threshold of process technology, a number of domestic research institutes and production enterprises have done relevant research before, but has not been able to make a fundamental breakthrough and achieve industrial production. The product market has been monopolized by foreign multinational enterprises. In order to overcome this "jam neck" key technology, break the industry monopoly, and achieve domestic substitution, in 2020, Qidu Pharmaceutical and Tianjin University began to jointly research, after five years of repeated research and testing, has successfully broken through key technologies, and independently designed and built a production device with independent intellectual property rights. The test products are "smooth and full particles, uniform particle size distribution, and significantly improved quality", reaching the international first-class quality standards.

The invention patent of "Large particle sodium bicarbonate preparation method and device" of Qidu Pharmaceutical is a high-value patented technology, which is a major breakthrough in the production process of sodium bicarbonate at home and abroad. Large particle sodium bicarbonate is an inevitable choice for pharmaceutical enterprises to improve product quality and stabilize product curative effect. After the rapid industrialization of the patented technology, it will greatly improve the quality level of domestic sodium bicarbonate raw materials and various preparations, comprehensively enhance the global brand influence of China's sodium bicarbonate raw materials, effectively promote the technological progress and quality improvement of the industry, and make new contributions to the innovation and development of enterprises and industries.

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