The production project of large-scale injection with an annual output of 1 billion bottles of Qidu Pharmaceutical has been fully completed and put into operation

On March 27, 2024, with the production of the last production line and the successful completion of the GMP compliance inspection of the industry, it marked that the production project of ultra-large large-capacity injection with an annual output of 1 billion bottles of Qidu Pharmaceutical was fully completed and put into operation.

All projects implement independent innovation design. With a total investment of nearly 1 billion yuan and a construction area of 37,600 square meters, the project is equipped with three 50-1000mLPP bottle and vertical bag infusion and washing liquid production lines, and four 50-5000mL non-PVC soft bag infusion, washing liquid and dialysate production lines, with a total production capacity of 1 billion bottle bags per year. It is the largest and most complete large-capacity injection production project in China so far. The plant implements stratified zoning design to better ensure the degree of cleanliness and product quality, while taking into account the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection, convenience, norms and other aspects. The equipment implements intelligent digital control, automatic operation of equipment, automatic transfer of materials, automatic storage of products, and basically realizes the design requirements of remote control, one-click operation, vacuum suction, automatic weighing, and unattended. From conceptual design to architectural design to process design, from equipment level to intelligent digital level, the project has achieved a new major breakthrough in the field of large-capacity injections in China, and gradually integrated with the international advanced level.


The construction period of the project lasted 5 years. The project lasted five years from planning and design to full completion and operation, and was constructed in two phases, experiencing the whole process of the novel coronavirus epidemic. According to the equipment procurement contract, the installation and commissioning of imported equipment should be completed by the equipment manufacturer sent engineering and technical personnel on-site guidance. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, foreign technical experts have been unable to reach the scene. The company's leaders make decisive decisions, do not depend on, take the initiative, more than 80 sets of large-scale production equipment imported from 6 manufacturers, all the independent installation and commissioning in place, both to ensure the construction period, and exercise the team. In particular, the first phase of the project, which was put into operation in the year, achieved full load operation in the year, and generated benefits in the year, strongly supported the supply of drugs during the epidemic and strongly supported the development of enterprises.

Demonstration project to replace old and new energy drivers. After the project was completed and put into operation, compared with the old generation of large-capacity injection production workshop, the production capacity was increased by 4 times, while the number of posts was reduced by nearly 70%, and energy consumption indicators such as water, electricity and steam were significantly reduced. As a national demonstration zone for the transformation of old and new growth drivers, Shandong Province is actively promoting the transformation of old and new growth drivers and promoting industrial upgrading and development. Qidu Pharmaceutical's annual output of 1 billion bottles of ultra-large large-capacity injection production project is a typical project to transform and upgrade traditional industries with modern concepts and high-tech, and a demonstration project to transform old and new kinetic energy and industrial upgrading. Qidu Pharmaceutical has won the honors of Shandong digital workshop, intelligent workshop, intelligent factory and so on, and actively strive for national intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory and application scenarios.

Medical wisdom, Qidu lead. Through active exploration and independent innovation, Qidu Pharmaceutical achieves the deep integration of digital application and the real industry, promotes the transformation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry to high-end, intelligent and green, and the goal of "enterprises from followers to leaders" is gradually becoming a reality.

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