Seize the opportunity to expand the market to build the first brand of Pivastatin calcium tablets

Recently, Qidu Pharmaceutical marketing system of good news. In the continuous procurement of state-acquired drugs in Jiangsu and Henan, the company's Yiqing® -Pivastatin calcium tablets were awarded with the best price.

Pivastatin calcium tablet is a new generation of statin lipid-regulating drug, which is superior to simvastatin, atorvastatin and other statins in efficacy, and has the same effect of stabilizing and reversing plaque as atorvastatin. LIVES studies have proved that the incidence of serious adverse reactions is only 0.13%, the rate of renal excretion is less than 2%, the impact on renal function is small, and the safety is better than rosuvastatin.


Yiqing®- Pivastatin calcium tablets produced by Qidu Pharmaceutical, Class B drugs under national medical insurance, complete specifications (1mg*7 tablets, 1mg*14 tablets, 2mg*36 tablets), raw materials produced by themselves to better ensure quality, sufficient production to meet market demand. The human relative bioavailability of Pivastatin calcium tablets (test preparation) developed by the company was (100.3±19.9) % compared with that of Pivastatin calcium tablets (reference preparation) imported by Japan Hwa Co., LTD. Statistical analysis showed that the two preparations were bioequivalent, which supported the successful passing of the generic drug consistency evaluation. Yiqing ® first-class quality and efficacy have been widely recognized by the industry, selected as "the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China · China's Pharmaceutical technology landmark achievements", by Shandong Provincial Pharmaceutical Industry Association as "Quality Lu medicine" brand construction excellent products.

With the expiration of the third batch of national collection products, the renewal of Pivastatin calcium tablets was officially launched. On November 15, 2023, Jiangsu Province Alliance continued the work and announced the results, and Yiqing ®- Pivastatin calcium tablets won the bid. On February 29, 2024, the Henan 13 Provincial Alliance followed the procurement document announcement, and Yiqing®- Pivastatin calcium tablets won the bid. The company held special meetings, multi-department marketing joint operations, analyze data and market conditions, formulate sales policies, clarify key markets, key customers, and quickly seize the main market of public hospitals. In January 2024, Shandong Provincial Public Resources Trading Center issued a notice to carry out some national and provincial organizations to continue the procurement of drugs after the expiration of the centralized procurement agreement, and Qidu Pharmaceutical Yiqing®- Pivastatin calcium tablets were included in this renewal catalog, and quotations will be organized in the near future.

"Produce good medicine for the people, let the people use good medicine" is the belief of Qidu medicine people. The marketing system will fully coordinate the relevant departments to increase production capacity, timely inspection, rapid delivery, and ensure the supply of successful market products. At the same time, do a good job in after-sales service, strengthen brand promotion, accelerate market development, and build Yiqing®- Pivastatin calcium tablets into a brand of more than 100 million enterprises and the first brand of similar products in the industry as soon as possible, which lays a solid foundation for the company to optimize market structure, accelerate transformation and development, and also promote the reform of China's medical system and the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry. Make new contributions by ensuring safe access to medicines for people!

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